Smart 3D indoor models to support crisis management in large public buildings


The SIMs3D project addresses the lack of up-to-date 3D indoor models for many large public building. This is a problem for many stakeholders, but in particular for organizations that deal with the safety management of public buildings, including BHV (Bedrijfhulpverleners), fire brigade and safety regions. The project aims at bridging research on 3D indoor reconstruction from point clouds, 3D indoor models (geometry, semantics and topology) and 3D indoor navigation for users with various profiles and tasks. The ultimate goal is to develop a rapid and low-cost 3D modelling approach based on discrete point clouds, which understands the principles of interior architectural design and human perception to identify spaces and networks needed for navigation.

Research lines

Reconstruction of semantically rich 3D building models from point clouds

Smart space subdivision for indoor navigation