Meetings Calender & Materials

User Committee Meeting, 14th of March 2018

Indoor 3D Reconstruction from Laser Scanner Data
Shayan Nikoohemat
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User Committee Meeting, 18th of March 2016

Een kijkje in de wereld van de brandweer
Huib Fransen.
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3D Indoor Reconstruction for SIMs3D
Shayan Nikoohemat (University of Twente).
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3D Space Subdivision for SIMs3D
Abdoulaye A. Diakité (TU Delft).
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Students Session
- Tom Van Der Meer (Nationale GI Minor), STAGE-ONDERZOEK 3D-INDOORMODELLEN (PDF).
- Olivier Rodenberg (TU Delft), From point cloud to pathfinding (PDF).
- Florian W. Fichtner (TU Delft), Automatic space subdivision for multi-story pathfinding on a 3D point cloud using an octree (PDF).
- Martijn Koopman (TU Delft), 3D Path-finding through a voxelized model of indoor environments (PDF).


Kick-off Meeting, 3rd September 2015

Smart 3D indoor models to support crisis management in large public buildings (SIMs3D)
Sisi Zlatanova.
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New stuff in the project
Shayan Nikoohemat.
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Indoor Grammar Concepts
Michael Peter.
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Smart 3D space subdivision for indoor navigation
Abdoulaye A. Diakité.
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