The Netherlands at the head of the ISPRS Commission IV until 2020
Aug 7, 2016 (from: Abdoulaye Diakité)

The XXIII ISPRS congress held in Prague in mid-July has been the opportunity for several restructuring in the organizational chart of the international society. One important change is the setting of 5 Technical Commissions for 2016 to 2020, that is 3 commissions less than the previous years. The new commissions are established as follows: Sensor Systems (Com. I), Photogrammetry (Com. II), Remote Sensing (Com. III), Spatial Information Science (Com. IV) and Education and outreach (Com. V).

The left picture above shows the new faces at the head of the five commissions, with (from left to right) Fabio Remondino (Com. II), Jiang Jie (Com. III), Stefan Hintz (Com. I), Sisi Zlatanova (Com. IV) and A. Senthil Kumar (Com. V). Indeed, Netherlands took the presidency of Com IV on Spatial Information Science with Sisi Zlatanova who will be the president for the period 2016-2020. The ISPRS COM. IV symposium will be organised in the Netherlands in 2018. The substrcture of the new commissions are being actively set, and soon the presidents and vice-presidents will be listed in the ISPRS official webpage.