Presentation of the SIMs3D project at the GeoCongress 2016
Jun 30, 2016 (from: Abdoulaye Diakité)

Once again, we were on the field to propagate the good word of the indoor navigation, particularly in the context of the SIMs3D project. This time, five active members of the IndoorLabs, namely Oliver, Florian, Martijn, Abdoulaye (left picture) and Robert (right) were at the GeoCongress 2016 held in the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands). This yearly congress jointly organised by the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Zoetermeer provides a good opportuny to discuss with actors involved in several tasks related to (or that would highly benefit from) GIS applications. Furthermore the topic of this year was about "Innovation and Security", therefore in perfect adequation with the context of the SIMs3D project. We presented (in Dutch and in English) a overview of our work produced during the academic year 2015/2016, and held few demos. Interesing discussions could be triggered, mainly regarding indoor navigation in emergency situation. The presentation can be found in the publications page.